Film producers and directors make important decisions when it comes to filming movies, and one of the important decisions they need to make is whether to shoot the film on a sound stage or in an actual location.  It can be very expensive to shoot on a sound stage, depending on the city, the length of the project, and even the time of the year.  In high demand areas such as Hollywood, you would expect to pay in the thousands per day.  Building your sets from scratch for the sound stage is one of the other expenses that you need to consider.  You also need to create and install things you will need for the filming like furniture, lighting, and scenic backdrops.


Location shooting can also be expensive but comparing the two will make it more cost effective.  It only takes negotiations with a city government or a building owner to get a fair rate, and you don't need to spend much on background since they are already in place.


One of the things that film directors at this link need to take control of are the elements of a scene.  This is being considered when they look for a place to shoot a film.  A director is able to control temperature, noise level and quality of light in a closed set in a sound stage.  Unpredictability is the element you get if you choose to shoot outdoors since you are unfamiliar to the territory and most of these are public places   A change in weather can delay everything, and wastes valuable time and money.


Another thing that directors consider is the matter of authenticity.  How much attention to detail does the film setting call for?  It is ideal to do the production in a sound stage if most of the scenes center on dialogues between two people in a jail cell, for example, but it is not suitable for scenes requiring elaborate chase scenes since it requires real streets and traffic.  The kind of scene that is being shot will determine where to shoot it for authenticity.  If the more important part of the scene is the dialogue, a sound stage would be perfect, but for action packed, it can be done on location although it is also possible to do it on a sound stage. Make sure to visit this website at and learn more about sound design.


Check the background details the next time you watch a film.  Scenes filmed on a sound stage may look very real unless you take time to look  closely and see the background with props and skillfully designs backdrops.



We see here that there are advantages to using a sound stage for film production.  In a sound stage you can control everything that happens on stage and you can make it look like it's happening in the real world. Go get details here.